CEO of Mack Lander, LLC

A native of New York City, a veteran, and a licensed practical nurse with over 19 plus years’ experience. I have been in business taking care of clients and individuals since 2003 with a focus on the elderly, disabled, and the intellectually/developmentally challenged population. My travels have provided me with the skill and knowledge, coupled with a desire to care for others, to be a leader in this profession. I sincerely cannot see myself working in any other occupation. I am very pleased to serve the community’s homecare needs for which I am passionate about, and I take pride in providing quality homecare.
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We provide personal care services to seniors, the disabled, and the intellectual and developmentally disabled population from the ages of 7 years old and up. Being the daughter of a parent with memory issues and having a child with developmental delays, who is now an adult, I can understand the challenges associated with the care required from day-to-day. In addition, we provide skilled nursing services which are provided by some of the most skilled and experienced RNs and LPNs in our area. Come let me assist you with your homecare and/or nursing needs.
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